Patents as Assets: Intellectual Property Rights as Market Subjects and Object

(You can find the paper here:

I. Review

In this chapter of the publication Assetization: Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism, the author Hyo Yoon Kang discusses the hybrid role of patents, seen as legal monopolies and proprietary models for the materialization of inventions, and a specific turn to assetization that understands patents as assets. Dr. Kang studies how the valuation of patents results in treating them as financial assets, that are premised on layers of legal and financial abstraction. …

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Thoughts On Algorithms

In this blog, I have focused on Algorithms and how we can approach them in order to make them more accessible and transparent. I mainly thought about “How algorithms can be understood and examined” which intrigues me more as a question, rather than “what algorithms are” to which my answers would be trivial.

I have not discussed Big Data or AI since they are somehow different units in my mind.


When we try to define an algorithm we think of a well-defined computational procedure that uses values and data as input, and produces an output in…

From Bruno Latour:Science In Action (Harvard University Press, 1987)
Copyright 1987 Bruno Latour, all rights reserved

0. Introduction

The discussion of the design of technological solutions has been put in a brighter light after the COVID-19 pandemic. Bio-technology is at the center, regarding matters such as the selected type of vaccines, drugs, Intensive Care Units technological set-up etc. In this climate, conspiracy theories and even genuine concerns are trying to make sense in contradicting decisions and course of actions — in science and in public policy.

It is fair to say, that the majority of states failed to conduct a thorough information campaign, and feelings of uncertainty are growing among citizens. …

Artwork inspired by Margaret Atwood’s landmark novel The Handmaid’s Tale, found at:

In this story, we are going to discuss some major ideas expressed by female scientists regarding the role of gender in science and how gender roles are embedded and define biological discourses of human reproduction.

In order to be introduced to concepts related to elements of constructing gender and social norms through science, we are examining two classical papers of Keller and Martin. We are addressing them separately, so that we can later find their common central ideas.

You can find the article of E. Martin here:

And the article of E.Keller here:

I. Reflection on E.Martin “The…

An unrelated picture that was the best result of a Google Search query “History of economic thought art”. Found on the web, with no indications of copyright.

In this review, which is more extended than usual, we are going to discuss the paper “History of Economic Thought as an Analytic Tool: why Past Intellectual Ideas Must Be Acknowledged as Lighthouses for the Future” by Dr.D.Bögenhold (2020). It is a quite dense review of a crucial matter, so feel free to highlight points and segments where you might need clarification!

Economics within Social Sciences: Specialization and Differentiation

Bogenhold tries to show how economic thought is never stable and in line with the Heraclitus notion that “everything flows”. …

Environmental rhetoric in the present-day society is quite common, in such an extent the terms environment and environmentalism are and always have been self-evident. E. Benson in his brilliant effort with “Surroundings”, tries to show the easily unnoticed complexity of the origin of the environmental concepts.

The author uses a series of case studies spanning from naturalists in Napoleonic France in the 1790s to global climate change activists today, in a way that challenges most of what we think of the environment, our part in it, and how we can protect it.

Benson’s approach in his book is the intersection…

Vial labelled “AstraZeneca coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine” placed on displayed EU flag is seen in this illustration picture taken March 24, 2021. [Photo/Agencies]

Thoughts on E. Kranakis «Patents and Power European Patent-System Integration in the Context of Globalization»

0. Introduction

Greetings to all!

In this blog, we are going to visit the surroundings of a subject that made the headlines the previous days: the call by the US government to waive patent rights, to open COVID-19 vaccine production, and the subsequent rejection of this claim by the EU.

In a statement on Thursday 6th May, the German government said the US-backed proposal would have “significant implications for vaccine production as a whole”.

“The limiting factors in the production of vaccines are the production…

Connecting female faces to the computer screen. (Source:
Computer for All, Vol. 85 (1990): 17.)

0. Introduction

The second post in this week, mainly affected by the rise of abusive phenomena towards women in Greece and elsewhere. They have generated a broader discussion regarding gender and how embedded gender roles are in our everyday life and practices.

To shed a different light in this discussion, we will try to reflect on a paper by Greek academics Tympas, Konsta, Lekkas, Karas, entitled «Constructing gender and technology in advertising» which is focusing the advertisement of computer, self-phones, and new technology to the market in the ’90s.

Find the paper here:

I. Reflection

The authors analyze and…

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Welcome to my Medium page. As this is my first post, an introduction is in due! My goal with this profile is to share ideas on important papers regarding Science, Technology and Society Studies.

I choose to begin with the classical paper of L.Marx “Technology: The Emergence of a Hazardous Concept” and to reflect on the paper (sum it up with my observations) and then pose some questions instead of conclusions.

Leo Marx carefully described how the term, technology, has evolved for two centuries. He classified the concept of technology into two categories; Ideological and substantive. …

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